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Ahmed Amwell Mansour One Of The Promising Entrepreneurs of Dubai



Ahmed Mansour

Ahmed Amwell Mansour is one of the promising entrepreneurs of Dubai. Within a short period, Mansour achieved a lot of success which is the dream of every businessman. Ahmed by his strategy and amazing team take his companies to another level. After moving to the UAE in 2018, he built a supercar hire firm called Luxury Supercar Rentals Dubai. Moreover, in 2020 he established Luxury Chauffeur Services. Therefore a year after he established A & Z portal which is an online car trading platform which was sold before launch for a amount of 85 million dirhams . All his companies operate all over the United Arab Emirates. So, let’s look into the life of this talented young man.

Personal Details

Although Ahmed’s career revolved around Dubai. It is very surprising to know that he wasn’t born in the United Arab Emirates. This entrepreneur took birth on 23rd October 1989 in Sydney, Australia. His parents were Lebanese. So, he had Lebanese nationality. Moreover, from a young age, he always aspires to start his start-up. Ahmed completed his education in Australia. He studied in James cook technology high school in Sydney,Australia.

Biography of Ahmed Mansour

Full NameAhmed Amwell Mansour
Date Of Birth23rd October 1989
Age (as of 2022)33
Birth PlaceSydney, Australia
Marital statusUnknown

Career Graph

Ahmed Mansour

After completing his studies, Mansour dreamt of doing something on his own. From a young age, he has the potential to become a businessman one day. So, in 2018 he shifted to Dubai. He poured all his hard work and dedication into the idea of a start-up. His dream became true when the same year he founded his first start-up luxury supercar rental. The business grew a lot in past years which inspired him to develop other start-ups. In 2020, the 33-year-old established another start-up luxury chauffeur service. A year after he established A & Z portal which is an online car trading platform. Moreover, last year he took his businesses to another level by establishing a renovation company. This company operates all over the United Arab Emirates which is a great achievement for any young entrepreneur.

Net Worth and Salary

Ahmed Amwell Mansour has achieved a lot of success in such a short time which gives him a  promising net worth. In 2023 his net worth is approximately $80 million USD which is very impressive for a young entrepreneur like him. His salary per year is approximately $20 million USD.

Assets of Ahmed Mansour

With a net worth of $80 million USD Mansour built a lavish lifestyle. He is the owner of  lavish and stunning mansions. It includes the Villa mansion on the palm Jumeirah of Dubai. Apart from that, he has a great collection of lavish cars. He has 6 personal cars including a Lamborghini Aventador Svj roadster, Maserati mc20, Ferrari sf90 and Rolls Royce. Moreover, he is also the owner of 70 plus cars in the showroom.


What is the Net Worth of Ahmed Amwell Mansour?

Net worth of Ahmed Mansour is $80 million USD.