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Influencer Life (Amazon Mini Tv) cast, story, release date, and more



With the advent of social media, the term “influencer” has become a buzzword. However, what goes on behind the seemingly perfect lives of these influencers is often ignored. The short film, “Influencer Life,” directed by Tanmai Rastogi and produced by Four K Production, aims to shed light on the dark side of social media culture. Starring Amyra Dastur and Satish Ray in lead roles, the film is a drama-thriller that explores the cost of fame and the pressure to maintain a certain image online. Let’s take a closer look at the storyline, cast, and release date of “Influencer Life.”


TitleInfluencer Life
GenreDrama, Thriller
CastAmyra Dastur
Satish Ray
DirectorTanmai Rastogi
Production houseFour K Production

Storyline of Influencer Life

The film follows the story of Riya (played by Amyra Dastur), a young girl who dreams of becoming a successful influencer. She spends hours curating her social media profiles and creating content that will garner attention and followers. However, as she delves deeper into the world of influencers, she realizes that the cost of fame is high. The constant need for validation, the pressure to maintain a certain image, and the fear of losing followers take a toll on her mental health.

Things take a dark turn when Riya meets a mysterious man (played by Satish Ray) who offers her a way to increase her followers and gain instant fame. The offer seems too good to be true, but Riya is willing to risk everything to achieve her dream. The rest of the film explores the consequences of her decision and the price she pays for her ambition.

Release Date and Availability of Influencer Life

Released on24th February 2023
OTT platformAmazon Mini Tv
TypeShort movie
Language Hindi


Amyra Dastur

  • Dastur, known for her work in Bollywood films like “Kaalakaandi” and “Rajma Chawal”.
  • In the short movie, she plays the role of Riya, a young girl who dreams of becoming a successful influencer.

Satish Ray

  • He is known for his work in Bengali cinema.
  • Here he plays the role of a mysterious man who offers Riya a way to gain instant fame.

The supporting cast includes actors like Ananya Sen, Rajat Ganguly, and Shubho Pramanik.


What is the genre of “Influencer Life”?

It is a drama-thriller.

Who directed “Influencer Life”?

It is directed by Tanmai Rastogi.

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