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Sneha Dubey (IFS Officer) – Age, Bio, Career, Facts, and More




Introduction to Sneha Dubey

Sneha Dubey, who is India’s First Secretary at the UN, is a strong and Independent woman glorifying our nation in front of the world. She recently gained popularity and media attention for showing the actual color of Pakistan in front of the United Nations General Assembly. Besides, Sneha called out to Pakistan fiercely for supporting and protecting terrorism in their country. She also slammed Pakistan for scratching the issue at Kashmir at the UN body and referred to the nation as an arsonist disguising itself as a firefighter.

About Sneha Dubey

Sneha Dubey was born and bought up in Goa, India. She is the first Indian to be appointed as the Secretary of the United Nations. She is a 2012 Batch officer from India. Moreover, Sneha cleared the UPSC exam in her first attempt in 2011 and was selected for the Indian Foreign Service. She is an inspiration for many civil service aspirants in the country.

Real NameSneha Dubey
Profession IFS
Year of Birth1993
Age (As of 2022)29 Years
BirthplaceJamshedpur, Jharkhand
UPSC Rank112
Score Percentage51.21 %
HeightIn Feet -5.5 Inches
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack
Birth PlaceGoa, India

Career Journey

After completing her MPhil from the School of International Studies in Delhi JNU, Sneha started preparing for UPSC exams and appeared for her first trial in 2011. She later cleared the most competitive exam in the country on the first try itself. Hence she was selected for training as a Batch 2012 officer. She had a rank of 112 and also a scoring percentage of 51.21. Sneha initially worked as an Under-Secretary at the Ministry of External Affairs for nine months after passing the IFS exam (December 2013 to August 2014). Later in 2014, she was appointed as the Third Secretary at the Indian Embassy in Madrid, Spain. After her service in Spain, she later became India’s First Secretary at the United Nations.

Sneha Dubey became a part of international headlines on September 25, 2021, after her speech at the United Nations General Assembly became especially viral on Twitter and other social media platforms. Consequently, She slammed Pakistan Prime minister Imran Khan for supporting and nurturing terrorism in their country and spreading false accusations about India on international Platforms.

For instance, an element from her speech is as follows:

Regrettably, this is not the first time the leader of Pakistan has misused platforms provided by the UN to propagate false and malicious propaganda against my country, and seeking in vain to divert the world’s attention from the sad state of his country where terrorists enjoy free pass while the lives of ordinary people, especially those belonging to the minority communities, are turned upside down.

In conclusion, the positions held by Sneha Dubey are:

Under Secretary (T) Latin America and the Caribbean at Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India (2013)
First Secretary at Embassy of India, Madrid, Spain (2014)
India’s first secretary at the United Nations

Family and Education

Her father, JP Dubey, worked as an electrician in a Multinational Company and her mother is a teacher. She also has a brother Swapnil Dubey, who is currently doing Business. In contrast to her parent’s and siblings’ profession, Sneha chose civil service.

Sneha completed her school education at Manovikas School, Margao Goa. She later went t Fergusson College in Pune and completed her graduation in 2008. After that, she went to Jawaharlal Nehru University(JNU) in Delhi to complete her MA and MPhil in Geography and Geopolitics.

Less Known facts about Sneha Dubey

  • Sneha Dubey is a hardcore reader. In addition, she loves listening to music and swimming. She also loves traveling.
  • Theresa Almeida, the founder of Manovikas school, where Sneha completed her primary education, recalls that Sneha was an outstanding student in all spheres and also was a very cooperative student.
  • Moreover, Sneha is the first member of her family to get a government job.
  • Sneha Dubey did her IAS training from chanakya IAS academy.

Net Worth

Her source of income is from government salary, and it is around INR 60,000 to INR 2,40,000.