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Goldie Baby (Actress) Wiki, Career, Bio, Net Worth And More!



Goldie Baby

Goldie Baby is a Ukrainian actress and model. She was born on 26 September 1994 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Goldie’s diverse portfolio of captivating photoshoots and engaging short videos showcases her versatility as an artist. Her talent, dedication, and undeniable charisma have earned her numerous accolades, solidifying her status as one of the industry’s most revered talents.

Quick Facts

Title Description
NameGoldie Baby
Birthday26 September 1994
Age29 years old (in 2023)
OccupationActress, Model
BirthplaceKyiv, Ukraine
HobbiesDancing, Gardening, and Playing games
Height5 feet 1 inches
Net Worth$166K USD
Eye ColorGrey
Hair colourBlonde
Other NamesHelga Grey / Giselle / Goldie G / Karen G.

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Some Interesting Facts About Goldie Baby

  • Goldie loves Dancing, Gardening, and Playing games in her spare time.
  • Her favorite brands are  Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Zara, H&M, Chanel and Versace
  • Goldie Baby’s estimated net worth is around $166K USD
  • Goldie Baby is currently single and has chosen to keep her relationship status private. 
  •  She made her debut in the entertainment industry in 2015

Early Life And Education Of Goldie Baby

Born on 26 September 1994, Goldie stepped into the world with an air of mystery. Her ethnicity is Caucasian, but beyond that, not much is known about her early years. She made her debut in the entertainment industry in 2015 and quickly gained recognition for her talents.


Since 2015, Goldie Baby has garnered widespread acclaim and recognition within the film industry. Collaborating with renowned production companies, she has showcased her exceptional talent in successful films alongside esteemed actors such as Armani Black and Mandi Collins. Goldie’s remarkable acting skills and unwavering dedication have propelled her to a prominent position in the industry, cementing her reputation as a formidable talent


Beyond her professional life, Goldie has a variety of hobbies that offer a glimpse into her multifaceted personality. She enjoys gardening, finding solace and joy in nurturing plants and greenery. Music is another passion of hers, as she loves listening to various genres that resonate with her. Additionally, she has a talent for dance and can often express herself through movement. Her versatility extends to playing the piano, showcasing her artistic side.

Net Worth And Lifestyle

Goldie Baby’s net worth is estimated to be around 166K dollars. While this may seem modest compared to some Hollywood stars, it’s important to remember that her chosen field of work is not known for its high salaries. Nevertheless, she has managed to make a name for herself and accumulate a respectable net worth throughout her career.


What is Goldie’s age?

She is 29 years old

Where was Goldie born?

She was born in Kyiv, Ukraine