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Usha Sobhraj (Charles Sobraj’s daughter) – age, facts and much more



Usha Sobhraj is indeed the daughter of Charles Sobhraj, an infamous French serial murderer who was captured by Nepal Police in 2003 and sentenced to life in prison for the 1975 murder of an American national in Nepal.

About Usha

NameUsha Sobhraj
Date of Birth1970s
Age (as of 2022)in her 50s
Place of BirthMumbai
FatherReal Father- Charles Sobhraj
Step Father- Leon Harris
MotherChantal Compagnon
SiblingsNot known
Marital statusMarried
SchoolNot known
CollegeBoston University
QualificationNot known
Serial killer Charles Sobhraj's daughter has been working as a US  counterterrorism agent | Daily Mail Online
Usha with her husband and daughter

Early life and family of Usha Sobhraj

Usha Sobhraj was born in the early 70s. Her birthplace is Mumbai, India.


She is now far distant from her background, working for the US government in a ‘secret’ position specializing in counter-terrorism and homeland security.

Usha previously worked at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research’s Centre for Policing Terrorism, a think tank in New York. She has also worked as a reserve officer for the Los Angeles Police Department for many years.

Serial killer Charles Sobhraj's daughter has been working as a US  counterterrorism agent | Daily Mail Online

History of Usha with Charles

After fleeing from police prison in Delhi in 1973, her criminal father, Charles Sobhraj, retreated to Afghanistan with Usha and her mother, Chantal Compagnon. Charles and Usha’s mother were captured on the Afghanistan-Iran border and imprisoned in Kabul, while Usha was deported to France to live with her maternal grandparents by French embassy officials.

He eluded Afghan police imprisonment by drugging a guard and then flew to Paris, where he drugged his mother-in-law before grabbing Usha. Charles’ nefarious acts landed him in jail once more soon after abducting Usha, and Usha was brought back to her maternal grandparents.

Usha’s mother, Chantal, was released from a Kabul prison and took full custody of her daughter, relocating to the United States to keep her out of her father’s grasp permanently. Usha is thought to have grown up in the United States, but all attempts to contact her over the years have failed. Furthermore, there isn’t a single public photograph of her or her mother, Chantal Compagnon.

Charles Sobhraj

Some exciting facts about Usha Sobhraj

  • Usha’s real-life character, Madhu, is portrayed in the Netflix & BBC web series “The Serpent,” inspired by her father’s criminal life. The series was released in April 2020.

Usha was adopted by stone mason Leon Harris when he married her mother, Chantal in 1975, the Daily Mail reported. ‘Usha has no interest in seeing her blood father and the last thing she would do is talk about him,” Leon told the Daily Mail.

  • Harris revealed his daughter cut ties with both of her biological parents and has made a life for herself fighting crime in the US
  • Usha has been a member of the LAPD Reserve Program since 2007 and is a former professional print journalist.


Why is Usha Sobhraj famous?

She is the daughter of Charles Sobhraj, a notorious French serial killer.

Where is Usha Sobhraj now?

Sobhraj, 76, is currently serving out a life sentence in Kathmandu prison.

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