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 Level Up Your Home Building Skills: A Guide to Thailand’s Local Events & Workshops




The construction sites all over Thailand hum with activity, yet their presence is just part of the story. These events and workshops are a growing trend. They offer access to knowledge, hands-on experience, and social networking. And they are spread all over the world. These are events that cater to people at every level of experience, from the aspirational to the near-professional. And these events in Thailand are some of the very best. We are going to showcase some of them in an upcoming blog post, and we want to explain why they can be of such value to you.

1. Architectural exhibitions and trade shows

  • These events bring together architects, designers, contractors, suppliers, and homeowners. They provide a great opportunity for people to spot the latest trends in building materials, technologies, and design. They also allow us to make contacts with professionals and experts to discuss our projects and get their advice. The final payoff of these expos is that they give the public a firsthand look at the future of building. Two are mentioned here, but there is a long list of them.
  • Architect Expo in Bangkok
  • This is the largest event of its kind in Southeast Asia, held every May. Last year, it was renamed as the Thailand Architect Expo (TAE). However, the previous name still carries weight, as this is what folks in architecture circles have been calling it fit for many, many years.

2. Workshops and training programs 

that offer hands-on experience are a terrific way to learn the practical skills required in any of the aforementioned fields. These programs are best for learners who want to get their hands dirty and engage in the real-life work they will ultimately be doing. Examples of these types of programs include the Indefinite Arts Centre at the Alberta College of Art and Design and the Eat Art Collective in Manitoba. Both of these workshops offer participants the chance to engage in the hands-on work of visual and performance art.

  • Bora gave a wonderful example of a program. The Pun Pun Center for Self-Reliance, located in Chiang Mai, offers a variety of workshops related to natural and sustainable living. At the Pun Pun Center, anyone who is interested can sign up for workshops on such topics as natural building, permaculture, and sustainable living. The workshops are taught in both Thai and English and operate for the usual four to six days.

3. Homeowner-Focused Seminars and Talks

 Oriented toward homeowners, these events aim to assist those looking to either build, renovate, or just “beautify” their homes. All kinds of residential consumers would find these useful, especially given the wide array of topics they cover. They typically have panel discussions with several individuals offering their valuable insights, along with the occasional PowerPoint presentation. The topics present a diverse range, from simple how-tos all the way to guidance on managing the all-too-crucial budget. Some of the events get pretty specific, too, like going kind of “inside baseball” when necessary. All in all, they are a good time to take a “time out” during your visit to the home show and lend an ear to what the more experienced folks have to say.

4. Networking Events and Meetups

Networking events and meetups present a terrific opportunity to link up with home builders, architects, designers, and material suppliers. They afford a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere in which to swap ideas, relate experiences, and forge the kinds of connections that can catalyze careers. Here are the details on a couple of events for Thai homebuilding professionals.

  • Bangkok Architects’ Roundtable. It happens once a month. The movers and shakers in this part of the industry get together to hash out current challenges and opportunities over a few beers.
  • The Home Builders’ Association of Thailand is the country’s main organization for professional home builders. It also hosts events and networking opportunities.


In Thailand, there are many events and workshops related to home building that are truly worth exploring. They offer an impressively diverse range of opportunities to learn from seasoned professionals who have many tips and tricks up their sleeves. There is also a plethora of networking opportunities that can’t be understated. After all, you never know who you might meet and what kinds of connections may form. Furthermore, being in the know about the latest industry happenings means you’re ahead of the curve when it comes to the home building process.

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