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Kyle Forgeard “NELK” Wiki, Bio Net Worth & More



Kyle Forgeard

Kyle Forgeard is a Canadian YouTube star. He was born on July 12, 1994, and is 26 years old. He also owns a Lamborghini Huracan. He is into luxury, and has a website selling merch. The tattoo he has on his left arm is an arrow. It represents freedom and flying true.

Full NameKyle John Forgeard
Date of BirthJuly 12, 1994
Age (as of 2022)28 Years

Kyle Forgeard is one of the founders of the popular Youtube channel NELK, which was formerly known as NelkFilmz. The channel features prank videos and public stunts. Kyle and his crew, referred to as the NELK Boys, were formed in 2010. The channel gained popularity in 2010 when Forgeard and his partner, Jesse Sebastiani, uploaded a video called ‘McDonalds Job Interview PRANK’ on 13 April 2013.


  • His mother is from India and his father is Canadian. 
  • He has yet to disclose his relationship status or previous relationships.
  • He has a sister named Chantal and studied at Ryerson University
  • He started a podcast called ‘Full Send,’ which has garnered a large fan following.
  • YouTuber Kyle Forgeard has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million, as of 2021. Most of his money comes from his YouTube channe.

kyle forgeard’s career

Canadian YouTube star Kyle Forgeard has a huge fan following and is a multi-millionaire. He has produced numerous videos in his career and has a loyal fan base throughout the world. Most people know him for his video series NELK, which he co-founded.

After a series of prank videos on YouTube, Forgeard decided to pursue filmmaking as a career. Along with his twin friends, he made the NELK channel and has since become a multi-millionaire. He dropped out of college to focus on his Youtube career and started out with a prank video in his lecture hall.

kyle subsequently became involved in a controversial incident involving prank videos. He and his team were arrested in Mississippi after they were caught shooting videos at a Target store. Despite being a well-known YouTube star, Forgeard pleaded not guilty to charges of vandalism and battery.