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OpenAI Launching Its Own AI App Store & Announced GPTs



OpenAI Launching Its Own AI App Store & Announced GPTs

OpenAI, the company that made ChatGPT, recently announced a big plan. They want to start a new kind of store for AI, much like the App Store on iPhones. This news was shared in San Francisco during a big meeting.

What is This New AI Store About?

After the announcement, OpenAI’s boss, Sam Altman, and their top tech person, Mira Murati, talked more about this idea. They plan to make a place where people can find and use different types of ChatGPT bots. These bots can do many things, like help design your house or make slides for presentations. Sam Altman thinks that in the future, everyone could have their own special ChatGPT that can do many tasks by working with other bots.

Why is This Important and What Could Happen?

This new store by OpenAI could change things a lot. It might affect how OpenAI works with other big companies like Salesforce and Microsoft. These companies already sell AI stuff using OpenAI’s technology. With its own store, OpenAI could reach more people and maybe do better than other AI companies. But this might also make their relationships with companies like Microsoft and Salesforce a bit tricky.

Companies Already Interested

Some companies are already excited about this. For example, Aquant has used ChatGPT to help with customer service, and Khan Academy made a ChatGPT for teaching. They could use this new store to reach more people.

Learning from the Past

OpenAI had tried something like this before with ChatGPT plugins, but it wasn’t very popular. So they know they need to make this new AI store really good and useful, especially for businesses.

In the End

OpenAI is trying something new and big. But they have to be careful. They need to make sure their new store works well and doesn’t upset their partners. It’s important for OpenAI to keep improving their main products while they try this new idea.

Also they announced GPTs read all about GPTs here: OpenAI Unveils GPTs – Now You Can Build Your Own ChatBot!