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Why More People Are Embracing the Cider Movement Across All Cultures



When you think of cultural beverages making a comeback, you might envision craft coffee or the slow return of mead among communities. However, a different nectar is hitting the taste buds of the world, marking its bubbly territory across the cultural landscape: cider. Similar to a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, this underestimated beverage is now beginning to gain recognition.

Modern Resurgence: Not Your Parent’s Cider

The idea that cider is the preserve of orchard-perched old souls is as outdated as the ciders our grandparents drank. Today’s cider isn’t just any old apple juice—it’s a fancy fizz with a kick, boasting flavours like elderflower, ginger, and even habanero for the brave at heart. As the craft beverage scene bubbles over with excitement, cider has popped the cork to become the go-to drink for the young and health-conscious crowd, offering a gluten-free and vegan-friendly toast to good health and great taste.

Here’s a unique perspective on the cider movement that might surprise you. Just as craft beer aficionados spend their weekends uncovering microbreweries, cider explorers are now on their own odysseys, hunting down cider houses. The craft movement has taught us to appreciate quality over quantity, and cider is no exception. With more than 7,500 cideries globally, the investment in small-batch, high-quality production is clear.

Now, imagine the cider community as a mosaic—every sip you take adds a unique flavour to the whole. This metaphor extends beyond taste profiles; the communal aspect of cider festivals and tastings reflects a desire for connectedness that’s brewing in society. It’s more than just a beverage; it represents an experience to be shared among both new and long-standing friends.

The Global Dance of Apples and Pears

Cider knows no borders; it’s an international sip that varies greatly in taste and tradition. Take a trip to Spain, and you’ll encounter the bold flavours of Sidra, a tart and vivacious drink traditionally poured from a great height to infuse it with life’s exuberance. In Normandy, the renowned Calvados is a regal tipple distilled from apple cider.

Even in parts of Asia where rice wine reigns, cider is carving its own enthusiasts. China and Japan have seen a surge in cider lovers as international brands and local adopters fuse traditional methods with a modern zest, creating something that’s both artisanal and pioneering.

The Future Is Fizzing

The cider movement is not just a passing phase. It’s a testament to how traditional recipes can be reimagined to resonate with the contemporary palate. It’s likely to continue evolving with the likes of, tapping into the sustainable and ethical consumer ethos by supporting local orchards and traditional crafting techniques.

Like the buzzing vitality of a beehive, the cider community is a hive of activity, innovation, and cross-cultural pollination. While it may bubble over with excitement and perhaps a little more cider than intended, the future looks distinctly rosy – or should we say, apple-y – for the global cider movement.